We are farmers with a long tradition in hop growing: we are the fourth generation cultivating hops already.

Hops have been the principal crop we have cultivated on our farm since 2008: it was in then that we replanted our hop gardens and fully renovated the plant-support structure. Our hop gardens cover acreage of 18 hectares (about 45.46 acres). The hop variety we cultivate is Aurora Super Styrian. Our hop gardens are located in the Western part of the Savinja valley close to the Dobrovje hill range. This is considered one of the best hop-growing areas in the West Styria. We have the possibility to irrigate all our hop gardens in case of a drought. This makes it possible for us to achieve an optimal yearly crop average.

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Aurora Super Styrian is the first recognized Slovenian hop variety. It is the variety predominantly grown in Slovenia. It was first planted in Slovenia in 1971. We first planted it in our hop gardens in 1975 and have cultivated it ever since. A few years ago, we decided to set up our own nursery garden. This makes it possible for us to select the best planting material and to preserve the purity and the quality of the hop variety.

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